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Get Googling Orlando!

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Dyer is launching a campaign to bring Google's new high speed broadband to Orlando.



Orlando Wants High-Speed Google Line

Mayor Buddy Dyer Makes Pitch On YouTube

POSTED: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UPDATED: 7:18 pm EST March 10, 2010

Dyer With Google Pin

ORLANDO, Fla. -- How would you like to surf the Internet 100 times faster than you can right now?

VIDEO: Dyer Makes YouTube Video

The city of Orlando hopes to add that tidbit to The City Beautiful's resume as Google will choose an unknown amount of cities to test its ultra-high-speed Internet.

Google last month invited cities to apply to be test locations for its fiber-to-the-home experiment, in which Google would build fiber-optic broadband networks.

And Orlando Mayor Budd Dyer has thrown the city's hat into Google's ring with a YouTube video.

"Hi. I'm Buddy Dyer, mayor of the great city of Orlando," he says on the video.

Many other cities are vying for the super-high-speed connection, including Topeka, Kan., which has been renamed Google, Kan., during the month of March.

The mayor of Duluth, Minn., recently took a plunge in an effort to lure Google to his city.

Don Ness jumped into Lake Superior in near-freezing temperatures to grab the company's attention.

Orlando Internet user Amanda Marinosci said she is not sure she believes the promise of a faster connection.

"It sounds great, but it's one of those, it's too good to be true, like, there's no way. It just seems kind of impossible, really," Marinosci said.

Residents can voice their opinions on a Google Web site as to why the company should bring ultra-high-speed Internet to their city.

"We need to let Google know that Orlando is the place to be," Dyer said.

Google estimates that between 50,000 to 500,000 people will be able to use its technology in each chosen city.

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