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Group of Condos Proposed by Finley Stadium

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There aren't many details..

$35-$40 million

Project involves old parkway tower, it was purchased by New York group last year. It will be rehabbed and have stories added.

The group needs nearby parking lot, skate park, and dog park relocated.

Several 5-6 story buildings slso proposed for River Front Pkwy.

1st floor would be retail.

I don't know why but something doesn't seem "right" to me. Particularly the statment made by Chattanooga Director of Real Property, "they have plenty of money".

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Where did you hear about this???

This does seem odd because it doesn't seem like the best part of town to build a bunch of new condos. Plus that Parkway tower is a dump and I don't see how they could add on to that building.

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