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Japan - The Strange Country

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go_vertical    504

That's a pretty clever video with some interesting facts. I've seen a couple of other vids done in a similar style. Don't know if they are produced by the same people, but still fun to watch.

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dpbaker    1
Is it expensive to live in Japan?


It really depends. Not necessarily. Where you live has a lot to do with how much you might pay for rent. But living just outside of large cities can be very reasonable while still offering easy access to the cities. If you are willing to look around and find the best deals at markets and so on, living there is quite doable. Buying a car is not so bad, but owning a car is more onerous than it is here in the U.S. So get a bike!


By today's exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and the Yen - yes, it is expensive (for visitors) - but if you are working there and getting paid in yen, that becomes a non-issue.

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