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Lansing area updates

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Since nobody has posted updates over here at UP for awhile, here's a quick update of construction and proposed projects in the Lansing Area:

Accident Fund - Work is continuing on the Ottawa Station and its new annex, mostly interior work is left on both. Construction has finally begun on the new parking ramp.

From February 18th -

Back (East) side of building


Front (West) side of building


Annex (Ionia Building)


From March 30th - (Parking ramp construction)




Lansing City Market -The new market has been completed along with almost $4 million in riverfront improvements. The old market is supposed to be razed to make way for a new $30 million multi use development.


Michigan State Police HQ -The new HQ is now complete and occupied.



MSU Developments -

Eli and Edith Broad Art Museum - Ground was broken in March, foundation work is underway.


Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

The new office building has been completed:


The main facility will begin construction in 2013, construction will cost at least $550 million:


Brody HallRenovation is well underway, structure is complete.


College of Nursing The new nursing research building just received Federal funding, construction dates have not yet been announced.


Plant Science Expansion - A new $43 million building to join the Plant & Soil sciences and Plant Biology buildings, construction to begin sometime this year:


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Buried in a July State News article:

On July 20, the East Lansing City Council approved a site plan for another project, an eight-story, mixed-use building at 200 Albert Ave.

Other developments include adding stories to buildings that house The Post Bar, 213 Ann St., and rebuilding 215 and 217 Ann St. for mixed and residential use.


Apologies if some of this has been discussed before. Just posting in case any of it is new.

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Here's some updates on Lansing area projects:

First off, the Accident Fund Headquarters is essentially complete, I believe they will begin moving in within a month or two. I'll post pictures when I take new ones.

A new electric/steam cogeneration natural gas power plant will soon begin construction at Washington Ave & South St in REO Town. It's replacing some of the units in the nearby Moores Park Plant, the one with the three big smoke stacks. They will also renovate the old train station on the site.

More info on The Lansing Board of Water & Light's Website


A new 20 ft tall stainless steel sculpture will soon be installed on the riverfront near the City Market:


There is also a year round iceless skating rink proposed right across from the sculpture:


Also there is a small three story mixed use building proposed for the corner of Michigan Ave & Marshall St at the site of an abandoned gas station.


Here's two proposed retail/residential developments right next to each other facing the Ann Street Plaza in Downtown East Lansing. Both are proposed to break ground this year:



Here's some construction updates from MSU's Physical Plant Facebook page:

Cyclotron/FRIB office addition:



Plant Sciences expansion:



Wells Hall addition:



Emmons Hall renovation:



A view from the Broad Museum construction cam earlier today:


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An additional update:

Newer rendering of the first building(s) in Gillespie's Marketplace project. Construction has been delayed, it's now slated to break ground sometime this year.


New aerial site-plan for Marketplace.


An alternate site-plan:


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Why no posts about the demolition of the MSU smokestack with the "MSC" letters? I read that they are saving the letters as a memorial. That would be nice. That is probably the most recognizable landmark of the MSU campus to this Wolverine (probably because you could see it from the football stadium.)

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There was some debate earlier this year about whether to restore it or to raze it. They chose to raze it. I personally would have liked to see the smokestack stay and be renovated along with the old power plant. I do hope that they save some of the smokestack, like those MSC letters.

Coming down: Demolition of MSU's landmark smokestack about to begin

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