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Major changes underway for our city

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it blows my mind to see how many buildings you guys are tearing down or have torn down. Just amazing.

we think we have it bad here in hartford, but clearly the fact that urban farming is even possible says something to the affect of urban decay.

I hope all those things happen and work out for your city.

something I thought would be interesting to to "deploy" in decaying cities would be a house moving department of the city.

in areas where you have a mostly intact neighbourhood, the city would acquire the vacant parcels, extremely delapotated buildings, and low quality structures. then they would either fix up the building if it were "worth while" or tear it down.

take these empty lots and place structures from elsewhere in the city on them.

the areas that are beyond saving have some incredible building in them, and its a shamt to tear them down just because the area has failed.

if the city were to maintain a house moving crew, they could literally improve the better areas while thinning the heard, and not losing the structures that we will maybe some day reget destroying.

now in Detropit this may be too much work but structure moving crews are usually less than 10 people. so just bring them in house as city employees, and keep em working year round.

some of the best buildings are in some of the worst areas here in hartford.

not sure about detroit.

anyways, good luck!

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What I Think About the Major Changes That Are Coming to Detroit-Part 1

Closing schools creating a smaller, modernized school system

41 school buildings and one support building are to be closed by June, and another 13 are to be closed by 2012. Detroit currently has about 194 schools in operation. If 54 buildings are to be closed in 2012, the number decreases to 140. 22 renovated schools would increase the number to 162. 70 new schools (half of them charters) are to be added by 2020 which would bring the total to 232 school buildings.

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