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In progress: Yale School of business

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Yale has owned the buildings, across Whitney from the Peabody Museum, since 1965 and used them for administrative offices. The school of management, founded in 1976, operates out of a dozen buildings, including several former mansions. All departments will move into the new, 237,000-square-foot building, which will include classrooms, a library, a 350-seat auditorium and other amenities, according to city hall documents.

they are doing this in an attempt to get back into competition with harvard stamford and penn state in the world of bsiness schools.

and why not I say, its clearly a deficiency. "The new building will also allow Yale to increase enrollment to as many as 600 from the 429 now in the MBA program."

this is a 190 million project, and some alum in china is donating $8,888,888

very lucky number for china and yale I guess

from the architects site


School of Management, Yale University

New Haven, USA, 2007

Situated on a 4.25-acre site on the east side of Whitney Avenue at the Sachem Street intersection, the new design for the new 230,000 square foot complex will be site-specific and sensitive to the surrounding neighbourhood. Plans are to pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System) certification.

Co-architects: Gunzon Santon

the Image is currently not opening

but the Yale school of management has THIS



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Wow, that's going to be a great building, I wonder what level LEED certification they are going for?

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