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So it's been a long time coming, but I FINALLY got a pic of the SU Gateway rendering and the new rec center.


Proposed Southern University Rec Center


proposed Southern Unversity Gateway for the Harding Blvd overpass


proposed SUNO College of Business .. . . I thinks it's built already ... or building it .. or in the process of being .. idk but this is it !


i loooove this pic ! Scotts Bluff !! Historic part of campus.


aerial map of Southern University in the 70s ( did I spell that right?)


SU Dancing Dolls leaving Homecoming Game ..... the fleur de lis costume ! Gotta love it !

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Good to hear from you again SUSAstudent :thumbsup: Thanks for for the updates! Really dig the new Gateway entrance for Harding Blvd! No better view than the Bluff! :camera: The new Rec Center & SUNO College of Business look great! Nice costumes! :shades:

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cool pics...BUT WHY ARE YOU YELLING? smile.gif

When is the gateway being built? That looks sweet. It reminds me of one of the UCLA entryways and a couple of intersections at Clemson U in South Carolina...except this one looks way cooler.

Glad Southern is putting up it's own business school too. Great infrastructure and facilities are key to attracting great faculty and better students from all over the globe. It's unfortunate, but in a way, new buildings and technology resources that often accompany new buildings play a huge role in rankings. With new, state of the art business schools, SU and LSU are both going to jump in the rankings.

I bet I could find a correlation between stadium investment and athletic performance as well.

SU, like the other state schools, is going to have to depend on alumni for more and more funding or end up having to raise tuition. The plans look great (I know they have been adding/improving dormatories and their recent investment in SU's athletic complexes), but I cringe when I think of far Louisiana schools are behind on collecting funds from private sources.

I know the discussion usually turns political on issues like that. I know the state is going through a tight time b/c of lower tax revenue and lower oil production....and I know education is unprotected constitionally. But, you can also get a list of the best public institutions in the country- most of them have private endowments overing around $1 billion (or more) and a strong, wealthy alumni community.

Louisiana citizens don't give back enough to the colleges. Maybe fewer schools is appropriate....

Ever notice how there seems to be some kind of 4 year college in every corner (district) of the state? Why the redundancy? Why can't we create junior colleges that feed into the big 4 (LSU, LaTech, SU, and UL) and pass the savings onto those 4 respective schools to improve their own performance?

Think about this: You can get a law degree at two state schools, but an Electrical Engineering degree or an MBA at almost all of them? Why do we need redundant curriculum?

Louisiana's population isn't growing rapidly like sunbelt states, and it isn't (geographically) a large state. There seems to be too many redudancies. It just seems strange to me. Hammond, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette (all within a 90 minute drive) all have at least one 4 year college....you know there are similar programs at every school unless you are going to grad school. That's wasteful.

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Thanks yall. Southern has really taken major steps towards enhancing campus facilities and services for its students. We realize that facilities and the look of the campus is a first impression for faculty, prospective students, and visitors. I am Pres of SU's NAACP Chapter, and we are taking our campus, retention, and recruitment very seriously. I'm sure it's no secret that we STRONGLY oppose some points of the Tucker Commission, being that we are the only historically black system in the nation, but as a result, we (SU System) are SEVERELY underfunded. Our system enrolls, over three academic campuses and two professional schools) roughly 16000 students, which abt matches us with SLU enrollment, yet they receive 30M more in funding.....? So I've gotten with our Foundation in an effort to launch a capital campaign. Hopefully all this work pays off. We are also going into the Fall Semester with a new System President, Rob Mason, formerly of Jackson State, AND we received a good review from SACS! So I will definitely keep you guys posted on things to come! GEAUX JAGUARS!!!

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