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Arkansas' endangered buildings

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Here is the list of 9 historic places the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas chose as the most endangered. I thought it would be fun if people could post any updates/pictures of these locations. Hopefully they will be around for a while!

-Fort Smith: Mallalieu Methodist Episcopal Church.

-Japanese-American relocation camps Rohwer and Jerome.

—The Beebe Colored School in Beebe.

—The Deadrick House in Levesque.

—Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge 18 in Lisbon.

—American foursquare-style homes in the Wright Avenue Neighborhood and Central High School Historic District in Little Rock.

—Shotgun houses in Little Rock.

—Old Marion High School in Marion.

—First Baptist Church building in Osceola.


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I admit the only ones I'm very familiar with is Rohwer and Jerome. I've always wanted to go check them out sometime. But for one they're sorta out in the middle of nowhere. And second I'm not even sure if there's much to see. While it's certainly an embarrassing moment in US history, it's not something that should be forgotten. Every once in a while you hear a little talk about trying to restore at least one of them. I'd go check them out if they were set up as a historical park. But I'd hate to drive all the way down there only to be able to see some big fence with everything fenced off.

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