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Knoxville's Fragile 15 2010

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Here is the list of the Fragile 15: Knoxville County's yearly list of most-threatened structures and historic places with cultural relevance.

1. Knoxville High School, 101 E. Fifth Ave.

2. Martin-Russell House, 11409 Kingston Pike

3. Cowan Cottage, 701 16th St.

4. Eugenia Williams House, 4848 Lyons View Pike

5. Knoxville College National Register District, 901 College St.

6. Standard Knitting Mill, 1400 Washington Ave.

7. Cal Johnson Building, 301 State St.

8. Fort Sanders Grocery and Houses, 307 18th St. and 1802, 1804 and 1810 Highland Ave

9. The McClung Warehouses, 501-525 W. Jackson Ave.

10. The Pickle Mansion, 1633 Clinch Ave

11. Isaac Anderson Cabin, Creekrock Lane

12. Scenic vistas and ridgetops

13. Vacant historic Knox County school buildings

14. Odd Fellows Cemetery, 2001 Bethel Ave.

15. Admiral David Farragut Birthplace, Stoney Point


Feel free to discuss any of these locations here or post pictures. Hopefully there will be good news in the future for them.

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