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Approved: State Health Lab

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Apparently the state approved bonding this nwe facility in Rocky Hill to replace the out dated on near the capital and the Bushnell.

The new building will be near Dinosaur state park.

the link is to an article complaining about the use of 450k for art, but there is lots of info in there.

I kind of hate this thing because it will be taking state Jobs out of downtown Hartford and putting them into the burbs further sprawling the state out.

a new facility could just as easily be built on any of a hundred vacant lots downtown and there is allready enough support infrastructure and transportation. not to mention centralized talent pool.


Beginning June 4, Whiting-Turner, the project's construction manager, will be on the 22-acre Rocky Hill site near Dinosaur State Park and the state Veterans Home, and construction is expected to be substantially complete by December 2011, said Patrick Nolan, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Works.

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This state is just self-destructive. Once agin an opportunity to expand the Hartford medical complex is wasted. My guess..... some Rocky Hill state senator got this as a politcal plum.

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