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Charlotte's Flags

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I was in the ParkIt! office a few months ago and I noticed an interesting flag hanging in the back. I didn't think much of it but I figured it was probably an old city flag that looks remarkably better than the current flag.

So fast forward to today, and while googling some other flags, I cam across this website, which indicates that Charlotte has TWO official flags. The Crown emblem on the green field that we all know and love was adopted in 1985. The website I linked two gives you some BS reasons of the meaning of the crown. They want to avoid the fact that it's a marketing scheme, but it is what it is. This is the flag you see EVERYWHERE in Charlotte, including at the Government Center, and any other City-related thing.


The original flag seem more historic and has a higher 'awesomeness factor' to me. It's the city's seal over the Scottish St. Andrew's Cross. According to the website, the 1929 flag still hangs in Council's Chambers (and apparently the ParkIt! office too).


Since my trip to the ParkIt! office, I've noticed it around town a couple of other times. The only one I recall right now is at 212 S Tryon St. That one is actually outside in a line with the American flag and the North Carolina Flag.

I think that an interesting compromise would be to have the St. Andrew's Cross on a green field with the Crown in the center.

Anyway, I'm curious to know if anyone else has any information on the old flag and why the City adopted the new flag. Basically any information that isn't posted on the CM Story webstie.

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