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History of Charlotte


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I think this is the coolest thing ever and I’m glad I found it again. It’s a timeline of the buildings built in Charlotte. 252df2e7e7998ac9373ad977bd589324.jpg&key=f524fb58dd7e6321b7aab3119e59b87b7621bbca5f5f4b2cadbd679cc52112df

Skyscraper Page is the first site like this I ever came across!
I check it for many cities from time to time. Charlotte needs some serious updating with all the construction of the past 10 years. They’ve added BoAT but don’t have Barings on there and Barings was done before BoAT started. Many others to add as well.
I also know of Emporis and Skyscraper City. Skyscraper City is how I found Urban Planet.

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49 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

I can't figure out what the distinction is between blue and gray on the "Built" row

It *looks* to me as if it's merely a simple distinction between years. 

What this timeline made more evident to me is that clearly Charlotte has specific "boom" periods, early '20s (predictable) and, perhaps most significantly, the early '70s. It's crazy how many buildings that are still significant and recognizable date from the early '70s...and then the OPEC crisis and recession hit.

If I could cross-tabulate, something like this would be a fun option for a greenway trail,  perhaps separate from Charlotte history (maybe on linking trails), and a visible way of not only putting Charlotte's growth in perspective, but 'memorializing' those structures that have been torn down, and perhaps, just perhaps, engendering an appreciation for architecture and urban design in general.  

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^^^ I remember that Charlotte as I was taking my MBA classes at Cityflop I mean Cityfair uptown where the Truist/Hearst tower stands today on N College.  I am surprised I did not see my white Isuzu Trooper nicknamed the Refrigerator around town that very day. 

looked like this (not the actual vehicle of course)


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