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Main Street Gallery

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The City of Greenville has started a new program called 'Main Street Gallery.' Basically, it's going to bring artists out on the streets of downtown Greenville.

Here's the gist:

-artists must apply to the City for a permit.

-If approved, they're provided with a 3 hour window during which they may set-up in one of six designated areas.

The times are available from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. The opportunity is offered to painters, sketch artists, illustrators and sculptors. The City also will provide them with a donation box.

The 6 locations are:

-McBee Statue Plaza (Washington Street and Main Street), --this is copied from the City website, but I'm pretty sure this is at Court Sq and should read: Court St and Main St.

-Sterling Sculpture Statue (Washington Avenue and Main Street),

-Peace Center Fountain at Main and Broad,

-Bowater Amphitheater (Falls Park),

-Piazza Bergamo and

-Max Heller Plaza (Hyatt Plaza)


I think this is a GREAT idea to infuse more excitement and people on the streets of downtown! Furthermore, I like the fact that it's focused in the City Center, and gets artists interacting with the general public. We've already seen this at Arts Crossing on the Riverwalk, but this will expand the arts focus and awareness in our community. I do hope that this doesn't discourage or prevent artists from setting up freely and working, but if I understand correctly, this only limits those who wish to gain financially from their work on the street.

My hope is that this is received positively by the artists in our area, and generates the desire for them to take part and work in public.

You can find out more from the City, here: Main St Gallery

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This is great! Another progressive idea by our outstanding city leaders! I hope the artists in our community - and perhaps even some from a few hours away - will embrace this new venture. I think it has the potential to really take off! And of course it adds to our already glowing reputation for supporting the arts. :thumbsup:

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