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Chattanooga future

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The new shopping center(The Shoppes at Mountain View) that's said to go up near the Publix Center in the Ooltewah area of Chatt, have any of you recently heard anything about this? If so, have there been any business names mentioned?

The area where the skatepark is, I've read on a TFP article that there have been new condos proposed(15 4 story units total now including the revitalization of the tower currently there), has this moved ahead any or is the developer still waiting on the city to decide whether or not they'll sell the land where the skate and dog park is?

The proposed shopping center at the corner of Ooltewah-Ringgold and East Brainerd Road, any word on this? If so, any businesses been mentioned?

Will we ever see an Interstate makeover like Knoxville received a few years back?

Goodwin Road has said to be extended to Jenkins Road, can we expect more retail-commercial development in the area near Cigna when/if that project is completed?

Will we ever see I-24 extended to Greenville?

Any word on the toll bridge?


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