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Holy F-Bomb

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so, i am in Dallas for the first time and in nall likelyhood one of the last times..

its a business trip and all, and my hotel is one side of DT, the office I am working in the other...

this city is pretty damn huge.

its sururban urbanity

totally shocking.. i kind of like it in a way, then as walking across a plaza on a office towers property a car drives by......

wait suburban urbanity.....

so weird

\cant amke the right words but damn, weird

on another subject...............

recession? building freeze?

yeah right. between the 7-11 building annd downtown there were 2 large developments happening. not sure their purpose, but surely improvements are coming. and um, if you like beer, avoid downtown, go to gingerman (6.50 cab)

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I know. I drove thu on my way to Wichita Falls and holy smokes. I was blown away especially when I drove north on tx 114. The sheer numbers of houses, office parks that have taller buildings than many medium to large cities and then the freakin interchanges. I called my wife and explained that ATL is pretty big but DFW is another type of suburban/urban big. Mind you I have traveled to several world cities and thoughtout the world so I have been around. And yes I have been to LA before anyone ask. I am just commenting on how I was surprised by what I saw.

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Driving through Houston is a similar experience with numerous high rise clusters through out the city as well as intense widespread suburban development.  Defining Dallas as "suburban urbanity" is a pretty good description IMO. 

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