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Gotta disagree with you SeC.

Going by their criteria;

unemployment- lower than the national average

high taxes- sales tax is high, but no income tax offsets this.

long commutes- only by those who chose them. long distances but relatively little traffic.

violent crime- skewed #'s (thanks Serpas), but still lower than avg.

crummy sports teams- no championships yet, but both major teams make playoffs consistently.

I wouldn't go so far as to put Nashville on a "best places" list, but we definitely are a step above places such as Detroit and Memphis.

For the record, i think this list is bunk.

First off, sports teams records should not play a part in this. I live and die by the Preds but their success really has nothing to do with my personal happiness. I love the Titans too, and all sports really, but anyone who lets sports affect them personally for more than 5 minutes needs serious help.

Secondly, these criteria only focus on a few negatives, but leave out all of the intangibles. Sure, NYC is expensive (5 year olds know that) but then again, most citizens don't own a car ($ savings) and are much more healthy than average. There is also constant personal interaction in a city like NY, as opposed to an autocentric city like Memphis, which can help to raise a persons happiness. Furthermore, if sports is a factor, shouldn't being the home of the winningest team in sports history (Yankees) help your ranking quite a bit.

Environment plays a part in this too. Two California cities are on the list. Sure, Cali is crowded and expensive, but it also has mountains, beaches, perfect weather, wine, and the freshest food you can find. Isn't that why people deal with the rest of the crap?

I think these sorts of studies have their value, but they certainly shouldn't be considered a measuring stick for a city.

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