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Bavarian Pretzel Factory

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Please, just do yourself a favor and go here. Tomorrow. You won't be dissapointed. I hate to sound cliche, but...

This place is awesome! I'll do a mini-review for those who have never been:

BPF is an independent German Restaurant, Deli and European Bakery on Woodruff Rd; they also carry a large variety of imported food products, chocolates, wines and beers from Germany. This place has a truly outstanding selection of artisan breads, pretzels, meats and cheeses; not to mention the wine and beer choices on the menu! REAL and actually FRESH pretzels, just like the ones you might find in Germany! (not even comparable to the junk you might find at the mall) The breads are incredible too - try the German Rye Sourdough with herbs. I have tried most everything on the menu.. its all the real deal! My favorite things would have to be the Obatzda (Brie and cream cheese spread flavored with paprika) Wurstsalat (sausage salad with onions and kraut) and Potatosalat (German potato salad) paired with a soft roll or pretzel roll. The cold cut and cheese plates are all great too! I haven't even mentioned the best part, though. The Kuchen! BPF's desserts are all delish, my favorite being the Tirolean apple cake, which is best paired with their Tirolean Mountain Roast coffee (their special medium roast blend from a co-op grower in Brazil)

The restaurant itself is really pretty neat for being so small - there are long benches with blue and green pillow cushions, a small marble table booth with barstools and a bar at the where you place your order.. the place smells heavenly too. Along the left side wall is the import aisle where you can choose from a selection of German goods. The staff and bakers are all friendly and eager to answer any questions you have about the food, and whats in it! That's part of what makes this place so special... these guys make food the way its been made for hundreds of years: fresh, simple and real. There is nothing artificial in anything they make and there are NO preservatives on site.

The 'Factory is frequented by many local German transplants and BMW workers, as well as many others who have a conection to Deutchland. People literally drive from hours away just to stock up on their pretzels and breads (I even heard of a woman who drives down from Charlotte every month to re-stock her supply of german foods and pretzels!) It is really cool to sit down and eat German food next to people speaking German while listening to a German rock station! The whole thing is authentic and unique, I highly reccomend it.

Try 'em. You'll see.


Oh, and I talked to Linda today (the owner) and starting midnight shift tonight, the Bavarian Pretzel Factory will be selling plates and pretzels from a kiosk in the BMW Cafeteria every Tuesday and Thursday, during both lunch and midnight shifts! If you know anyone with BMW or if you work there, stop by and say hello! Linda and Co would love to talk to you.

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I went there when I was down in Greenville about a month ago, and was very pleased with the meal. They even stream Radio Bayern 3 in, so it really is the true, authentic deal. The only thing is that I wish there were a better selection of German groceries, but I was still very happy with the experience nonetheless.

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