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Dear Friend,

Thank you for sharing over the last 11 months in the North Florida

Artist Cooperative's 's 5 art exhibitions, Microcinema Programming,

Film Festivals and Slide Lectures. Ryan and I have enjoyed curating

for the many thousands who have experienced these mini cultural

events in our downtown.

If you've missed us on the Art Walk or wondered what we have been up

to over the last two months we've been busy opening a beer and wine

bar nightclub called TSI. Our new club is located at 1st and Main

St. in the exact center of Duval county. The club is a mixture of

contemporary and classical design that promises a healthy dose of

fun. Tuesday thru Sunday we serve up the best in wine, beer and

entertainment. We'd love for you to stop in and try out our latest


Tues. Tim Lee spins classic country Honky Tonk style

Wed. Paul spins SMITTEN dance with british influence

Thur. JJ spins Discotrash and Electroclash

Fri (16) Steven Marque Surrealist Party feauturing performance art,

painterly art, costumes, arresting fun.

Sat. Kevin spins the best of indierock

Sun. (25)Al Letson host scribes and vibes, poetry and spoken word

Hope to see you out,

Jason Grimes

Ryan Rummel






"Imagine if you will, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Andy's Factory

with The Cramps as the house band and mental patients as the guests

of honor."

The wildman of rock'n'roll, Lead Singer StevenMarque of The Lords of

the New Church brings his own special brand of Hollywood Babylon to

Jacksonville's TSI, (Located at the corner of First and Main

downtown,) this Friday night, July 16.

Brimming with absurdist imagery, avante guard music, multimedia

special effects and a special performance by Max Wood. "Dress up,

drop out and do it again."

StevenMarque Surrealist Party - Friday July 16, 2004

TSI - Corner of First and Main

$5 before 10PM - $10 After

18 and up - Lampshades optional


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