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13 minutes ago, JFW657 said:

I thought Trader Joe's was overpriced for the so-so quality of the food they sell, but $7 bucks for a bag of chips is... well, with prices like that, they should call it Foolish Market.


*takes away JFW’s bottle of 2-buck Chuck*

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3 hours ago, HankStrong said:

Whole Foods and Fresh Market, the two most expensive grocery stores around.  I enjoy Fresh Market, to an extent, but it's also psycho-level expensive.

I'm not even referring to fresh things or store-specific things.  Name brand items.  You can buy the same bottle of juice for half the price at Publix.  I'd imagine Target or Walmart would be even less.  I went in there one day and started to pick up a bag of chips, but saw they were over $7.  Really? 

That's the business model though - get the rich folks in for the specialty goods, and then markup the staples 2-4x for insane profit margins and hope no one notices...

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Trains are already full/standing room only for many commute legs.  Can’t wait to see groceries join the party.

I don’t believe anyone is going to do their Publix run before they get on the train except for one-offs like needing milk or bread but if there’s a Trader Joe’s I think you’ll see it a lot.   If there’s anything that gives suburbanites more anxiety than navigating commuter rail, it’s parking at Trader Joe’s.

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