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Hey guys, meet your newest moderator! I've been asked to take on the responsibility of keeping the peace within the Orlando and Orlando Coffee House forums, so I will do my best to keep things running smoothly around here. I really welcome this opportunity to help make this forum even more enjoyable to read than it already is.

I have begun to make slight changes to the pinned thread titles in an effort to make it more clear of what is being discussed in them. I have also merged the old "Downtown Orlando Master List" thread with the current one in order to create one big archive thread that will remain pinned, containing discussion of projects from February 2004 to August 2010. I did this because it seems like Orlando is now coming out of a lull of new development and the old thread contained the discussion of many projects that will never see the light of day. Now that we have some of the biggest projects this city has ever seen about to either come online or begin construction, I thought it would be nice to have a more current thread to reflect Orlando's newest renaissance.

If you have any suggestions as far as what else I can do to clean things up, please post them here or feel free to PM me. :thumbsup:

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