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Restoring an American Icon


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I'm not sure how much this has to do with city living, but I feel it's an idea that should be put forth. I have for the past year been interested in the ship, the SS United States, which is currently docked in Philadelphia, rotting away. This ship was made in Newport News, right here in Virginia, in the early 1950s and won the Blue Riband for the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing of any passenger ship in history. It also is the largest cruise ship ever to be constructed completely right here in America.

Currently, it is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line, which is a company based out of China. They have been seeking buyers for the last couple years, and the ship stands a good chance of being sold for scrap metal. As a ship made right here by Virginian working men, and as a symbol of our nation, I feel that the ship should be bought by a Virginia company (or the government), brought to Northrup Grumman shipyard to be restored, and then based out of Norfolk and Baltimore as a trans-Atlantic ocean liner. Other plans will not restore this ship to its original purpose but rather want to convert it to a riverside attraction. This would help create more jobs in Virginia and also would make Norfolk the home port of America's most distinguished passenger vessel in history. What are other thoughts or opinions on this matter?

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