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Stetson University Renovations & Expansion Plans

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I stumbled upon some of Stetson's renovation and landscaping master plans underway and thought I'd share. I've always thought it was a pretty campus, but could use some sprucing up, so this is really nice to see.

From the website:

"Among the most noticeable changes that students will see when they return in August will be the results of the widespread landscaping projects that are currently underway. Last school year, the university hired an internationally renowned landscape architect to study the DeLand campus and make it more attractive and usable for students. The result of these studies is a complete refreshing of the campus core area, from the Lynn Business Center to Griffith Hall. With collaboration between the landscape architect and the city of DeLand arborist, trees have been trimmed, some trees removed due to disease or past storm damage, and aged sparse shrubs are being replaced. The cement walks in the Quad/Palm Court are being replaced with brick walkways."




Construction Updates:






More information on their website: Stetson Capital Projects

And a video about all the campus wide construction and renovation projects underway:

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