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Room in the Inn

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Looks like the building looming off of 8th Ave S that i'm sure many of us (including myself) have wondered what it is... is now open.

It looks like a very stylish and urban building, from what you can see of the outside from a vehicle :)

Room in the Inn opens permanent housing for homeless

38 apartments, 500 sq ft, fully furnished, rent ranging from $200-$550, depending on income. Applicants must have a job, Social Security, or military benefits.

$13 million expansion also includes 13-classroom learning center; expanded medical respite care for individuals recovering from illness or injury; midday meal services to 200 to 300 people daily; personal hygiene facilities, including showers and laundry services; an on-site Department of Human Services office, education and job readiness programs, short-term storage and secure storage for important documents and prescriptions, and on-site library/Internet access.

Another article and picture here:

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