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I hope this posting is in line, but I want fellow Charlotteans and board members to be aware of a home builder from Toronto who has built homes in Ballantyne, Cornelius, and Mooresville previously. This builder is now advertising on line to build "quality" homes in the Charlotte area under a NEW company name. My house in Cornelius is in a community built by Anaheim Homes. The owner of the company, Jasbir (Jack) Cheema left town owing money to many banks, contractors, and the homeowners association, and the community in shambles and incomplete ( uncompleted runoff pond, alleys, streets, retaining wall).. In 2009, two homes in two subdivisions owned by Anaheim Homes (Mr. Cheema) suspiciously caught fire during the same time span. The one in my subdivision was determined to be arson, and the house sustained serious smoke damage.. A year and a half later, the house still remains uninhabited and unimproved. The owner of this home is Jasbir Cheema. His neighbors were maintaining his yard as Mr. Cheema left it untended for a year until the subdivision employed a lawn service to tend to all homeowners properties through a special assessment. Mr. Cheema has yet to pay his special assessment for this service. One quarter of the empty lots in this former Anaheim community recently sold at auction. These were originally owned by Anaheim Homes which sold them to a known associate (Oxford Homes) in March of 2009, who sold them to an unknown company (Canyon Investments) in December 2009 from Sugarland, Texas, who auctioned them in September 2010. Only one bidder was at the auction; however, an upset bid from Gibraltar Ventures from SUGARLAND, TEXAS, has stopped that sale.

Mr. Jasbir (Jack) Cheema current venture is Apollo Custom Homes located in Charlotte and Toronto, Canada. BUYER BEWARE!

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