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Civic to do list (from Triblive)

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Expand that CMU project that allowed for AM&FM in the tunnels (that was on then off then on then off and only on the Squirrel Hill and Ft. Pitt),

put AM/FM CB and Cell Phone signals in the:

Squirrell Hill Eastbound

Squirrell Hill Westbound

Ft. Pitt Southbound

Ft. Pitt Northbound

Liberty Tubes

Armstrong Tunnel

Then for the T also put AM/FM and Cell Phones from the Gateway Station to the Firstside Station, and through the Mt. Washington Tunnel.

Wireless Internet along the same and through to the SouthHills Junction!

B) Get on the stick with Enhanced 911 so that cell callers can be triangulated on location, two kids died in metro Philly because the cops took hours to find out where they were when they called!

C) Plant trees and plant trees and plant trees along the Blvd. of the Allies, and the Mon Wharf, and the base of the Duquesne Incline

D) Get the Mon-Fay online and hooked up by the Tech Center in Oakland and with Monroeville

E) Help out the Pittsburgh Film Council which was planning the ONLY one-stop film studio between NYC and LA, and start making this the Hollywood of the East again

F) Consolidate already!

G) Build the proposed Robinson Mall straight line to McKeesRocks and then across to Ohio River Blvd. Expressway Tollroad as a relief to the Parkway west and a fast route to the Airport (Plus OhioRiver Blvd. is VERY SCENIC for newcomers on approach too bad theres no "hookup" at its northern end

H) Get rid of those dorky looking cop cars (what are they pontiacs or something?) and continue buying the CrownVics

I) Get a police helicopter already (or we could just consolidate and take the county's)

J) Put in some incentives for the first skyscraper in this town to breach 800 feet since the Beetles were TOGETHER!

K) Get an NBA team

L) Get Schenley Plaza completed already!

M) Expand the T to the Northside and up McKnightmare Road, Expand it to the Airport and to the Universities and to East Liberty all the way to Monroeville

N) Get the MagLev already

O) Get Fifth and Forbes together and get a Movie Theater in the Warner so we dont have to drive to Robinson to see Batman 2

P) With the Gateway traffic island have a sports mural or famous natives statue so out of towners realize that Dan Marino and Joe Montana and Sharon Stone are PITTSBURGHERS and they too could be cool if they started living here!

Q) Blanket most of the metroplex with towerbased Wi-Fi, and make ourselves the Wi-Fi capital of the universe!!!

R) Build the missing ramps at 279 and 79 both in Carnegie and in Franklin Park (why on earth can I not go from 79 northbound to 279 southbound in Franklin Park?????) with that idea signage the parkway west I-376 ALREADY from downtown to the Beaver Turnpike junct. and all the way up to I-80, get that PA28 connection all done on the Northside and expand that to interstate standards and build the PA28 "missing link" from Kittaning up through Punxsawtawny and State College to I-80. Rename the highway PA 2-80 instead of 28 and lobby for interstate signage on that, making 80 a virtual 76 or 70 FOR Pittsburgh, not some interstate far far away but a efficent hopping point with not only 79 in mercer but the resigned 376 (old 60) in Lawrence and the new 280 up through StateCollege!

Im not done yet . . . finish the PLANNED SINCE 1950 link between I-579 and I-376 and continue I-579 through the liberty bridge (Inbound could be Liberty and outbound could be one of the decks of the Panhandle Rail Bridge the T uses, with I-579 forking on both shores to allow for that! and continue I-579 through an expanded Liberty tubes to 88/51 so its all interstate signage from the tunnel entrance in the southhills to the new

2-80/ 279 in the Northside!

anyways interested in hearing your thoughts!

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There was talk about having a Wi-Fi network throughout downtown and maybe surrounding neighborhoods. I think some ocmpany wanted to do it. Anyone heard anything about this? Did they give up?

Also, has anyone heard any updates on those plans to make Pittsburgh a filmmaking center? So many people were on board, and they were so excited, I'd hate for them to give up now.

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The film center was to be on N. Craig Street up from 5th Ave. The article I saw on it said it was to be the only "one-stop-shop" film center between NYC and LA, I believe it is still in the works but there was some lawsuit between the center and some LA studio over something, havent heard much about it since.

The Wi-Fi thing I heard of was reported in the Trib about 2 years ago now, a black businessman who operates a hotspot on the Liberty Mall in EL wanted to put up a tower on the southside slopes of Mt. Washington to cover Downtown, North and southshores and Oakland as well as the Hill District, last I heard he was still looking for a business loan. I keep seeing these National TV adds with ". . . THE NEW PENNSYLVANIA" where business grows and everywhere you look theres venture capital slapping you in the face. Time we pour some in a Wi-Fi tower, Portland and Phoenix and some other cities are doing "citywide" Wi-Fi.

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