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Lightrail VB Municipal Center

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When implemented, the preferred plan for the ITA may have an

appropriate mix and uses and sufficient density to support the extension

of light rail transit (LRT) service. The City of Virginia Beach

and Hampton Roads Transit are conducting a planning study for

extending the Norfolk LRT from the city limits at Newtown Road

east to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The alignment is proposed

to follow an abandoned rail line. While not additional routes are

included in this planning study, it is recognized that future extensions

will likely be evaluated, just as Norfolk is evaluating several extension

of its LRT system.

The ITA planning process identifies the proposed uses and densities

both within and adjacent to the ITA, and the process recognizes

a future potential for extension of the LRT service to the Municipal

Center. The LRT corridor would be located generally along Princess

Anne Road and would serve the Municipal Center, the medical complex,

Landstown Crossing and TCC (in the vicinity of Dam Neck

Road and Princess Anne Road. From there, the appropriate route for

connecting to the LRT trunk line would be determined by further


The proposed light rail alignment (dashed line) is illustrated in

the graphic Two stops are proposed (illustrated with circles), one at

PA Commons and the other at the Municipal Center.

Lightrail to Municpal Center

Page 33 of 48 is where you will find the information

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I would rather see the city rebuild the city government closer to the town center somewhere in Pembroke, but I doubt that would ever happen. It is good to see the city actually doing real planning. I would imagine this line would be a second line for Virginia Beach, or basically an off shoot from the VB Line, which I would guess would run down Indy.

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Yeah It will not happen after they just came out with the Interfacility Plan to turn The Municpal center into a mixed use development with apartments, more offices, retail/restraunts, entertainment in a more village setting. bringing back what was last known as Princess Anne County. Making it more of a historic urban downtown. The lighrail would also run into the princess anne commons where all the biomedical, science/engineeing, NSU, ODU VB campuses, the Sentara Princess Anne medical center, VB TCC joint Library, Operations smile, Childrens Hospital of the Kings daughters. its gonna connect back into the multimodal center at Pembroke.

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...then should shoot north of VB Blvd. up Independence to Little Creek amphib base/Shore Dr. with stop around Witchduck or Haygood, Robin's Corner/Pleasure House Rd., and Shore Drive.

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I've heard talk of three potential spurs, but this is the first I've heard of this.

Let's get the Norfolk Southern ROW FFGA in the bag, then we can start seriously talking about spurs.

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