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Hey everyone,

I'm not much of a poster but I really enjoy the discussions and information on this forum and am a regular reader. But today I am writing a post to share with you my new blog.

My blog talks about anything Orlando/Central Florida but focuses on events, arts, and dining with announcements and occasional reviews. When friends and family come visit who've already done the theme park gamut, I try to show them all the other things Orlando has to offer. I know there are a lot of blogs and websites about Orlando already, but one of the angles I want to work is buget travel.

I'm working on a series of "outings" that consist of food and fun for under $20 per person. Three have already been posted with more to come shortly. I want to document all the fun things I did on a dime during my UCF years and things still worth saving money on today. Also, I try my best to make them area-specific so you get to know each distinct part of town without having to drive all over the place. What I found out over the years is that the cheapest outings are usually the most unique.

Anyway, it's still a fairly new blog and there's a lot to be added. But I invite you to check it out -- and I'm always open to critique, questions, suggestions, and ideas! :)


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