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Apollo Custom Homes Toronto/Charlotte Alert

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Wow, the guy that built my community in Cornelius, N.C. and abandoned the area leaving the HOA with unfinished roads, incomplete sediment pond, unfinished punch lists, poorly built homes, owing plumbers, electricians, and laborers hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of dollars let alone the HOA $25,000 in homeowner dues now owns Apollo Custom Homes in Toronto and Charlotte. Also, the photos that he posted as Apollo Homes are actually not Apollo homes but some that he built in Cornelius (outside Charlotte). He used to go by Anaheim Homes and had a BBB rating here of "F". Also, a cop from the sheriff''s department was looking for him him the other day concerning one of his homes which "mysteriously" burned down (there were actually two that burned ... one in Mecklenburg County and one in Iredell County) and other issues. Beware! Mr. Jasbir (Jack) Cheema isn't smiling because of his friendliness, he is smiling because he is going to likely take your money and run. His former partner in Anaheim Homes was [REDACTED].

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