so Does Anyone here like 80s Music?

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Hey guys,

I was listening to the radio in my town (Kent) yesterday when they played this 'new' band called Memorial Beach - The music was really good but it sounded like it came straight from the 80s - it made me laugh cause I remember the time when no one would admit they liked 80s music and now its back in style.

Their website actually looks pretty rudimentary, not even a band photo on the site but I did like the song I heard - it reminded me of some bands I used to listen to a lot like the Cure, Human League, Cars, Smiths, etc.

So what kind of bands did you guys listen to back in the day? I think I'm gonna bust out my record collection again. :)

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Especially I love 80s music. During my leisure activities, I usually find old songs and my favorite artists. In last weekend I listened older albums of A-ha and also old album of a band Tears for Fears.

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I grew up in the 80s and as far as I am concerned, that was the last decade of great music. This crap many record labels are putting out now is not music. Today an artist puts out a song and after about a year or so no one listens to it anymore.

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