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Columbia Wish List 2011

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1. Construction starts on the new waterfront park.

2. Building owners on Main take advantage of the new facade improvement program and more facades are restored to their original glory.

3. More retail/restaurants come to Main.

4. Preliminary plans, at the least, are drawn up to overhaul Assembly.

5. A tenant is found for the Palmetto Center.

6. Innovista lands a significant tenant.

7. Lady Street gets more investment.

8. Plans are put in place to streetscape the rest of Main from Blanding to Elmwood.

9. Some positive news is announced for Richland Mall.

10. North Main starts getting new investment.

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1. Main Street gains several new shops and restaurants.

2 .Waterfront Park starts construction.

3. Innovista gets back on track.

4. The malls gain more national retailers.

5. Riverbanks Zoo and the SC State Museum begin construction on the announced expansion plans.

6. More companies announce more jobs.

7. Plans are announced to connect The Vista to Main.

8. The airport gains traffic.

9. Canalside begins phase two.

10. Midlands area governments join together more.

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