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Rental rates by Neighborhood

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Can anyone direct me to where I can find a comparison between rental rates in Charlotte's Neighborhoods?

Is there a National Database too?


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I thought for sure this existed....am I wrong?

It kinda exists. Possible sources that I am familiar with:

1) The census collects info on rent at the tract and block group level, this is (I beleve) the only source that compiles and averages data for both apartments and SFH rentals. I believe this is one of the variables in the American Community Survey (and no longer on the decenial form) which may present some sample size difficulties when looking at the neighborhood scale.

2) Carolinas Real Data () collects an extensive set of data on rental rates and vacancy for multifamily projects. This is what developers typically use in the site selection process. Unfortunately it is a proprietary source and they charge lots of $ to get access to it.

3) Some snapshot data can be obtained from Its a site for landlords to find comparative rents for their properties (mostly condo units and SFH).. Its free but I believe they ask you for rental rates for your properties (no reason you can't fictionalize something). The datapoints can get sparse in some neighborhoods)

There are other sources but these are what come to mind at the moment.

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