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UCONN and Downtown

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In the HBJ today, there was a blurb about the mayor recruiting Universitys departments to Downtown

[email protected];ArticleType]http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article_list.php?RF_ITEM[][email protected];ArticleType

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said Tuesday that he is a leading a recruitment effort to encourage the University of Connecticut School and Medicine and its dental school to move downtown. Both are in Farmington.

Segarra said he also is trying to get UConn to move it School of Social Work, currently in West Hartford, to downtown Hartford.

West Hartford's St. Joseph College already has a pharmacy school campus downtown, as does Capital Community College.


f this dream mayor gets this done, could you imagine?!!!!!?!!!

St Josephs has spoken of plans to create additional PHD programs downtown in future including dentistry

if their school grows as planned to 500 students and we can bring UConn downtown with ??? Hunderd more, 1000+?? more? I have no clue, but it would be amazing to have some piecemiel university programs filling currently vacant downtown office space!

this would create a serious demand for new doqwntown housing.

I very much hope he succeeds

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So far, so good with this Mayor. I've always been an enormous advocate of getting College's downtown, but I think the real coup would be if he could get a "real" college downtown, and by that I mean a college with undergrads and the need for true housing. This is a phenomenal start though.

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No the school of Social Work is post grad.

I wonder what kind of dough they could get by selling the West Hartford Campus? They moved the campus there in 1971. UConn could make a tidy profit and could move downtown. The WH campus has the UConn undergrad branch, the SoSW and the Law School library.

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So, time for my usual over thinking

UConn School of Medicine 346 in 2009

UConn School of dental medicine 170 in 2009

UConn School of social work (and I cant for the life of me find a number of students :( maybe one of you guys can?)


The University of Connecticut School of Social Work offers these programs:

500+ students plus the school of social work would be an impressive pick up.

the west hartford campus has 2000 undergrads and 600 post grads

also St. Josephs will have 50 Pharm students this year, (50 per year but I have no idea how many years the pharm program runs)

and plans on creating other doctorate programs downtown in the near future

I think this will easily represent 1000 students over all if it does happen

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posting here because this is where it was last mentioned


St.Joseph College has won a key accreditation that will allow it to admit the first class of students to its new pharmacy school in downtown Hartford this fall, the school announced today.

68 students to start classes this coming fall

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