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Hartford Hospital Acquisitions and Expansion Developments

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we heard about this a while ago, but I could not find the thread(I think it was part of one of the UConn medical center threads)

The deal is expected to be effective Feb. 1. A memorandum of understanding between the two hospitals was signed in August 2009.

I'd love to find the origonal article, because if I recall HH was merging several smaller hospitals together greating a real medical powerhouse.

and this can only be good for job creation in the south end.

many of those administrative jobs end up in Hartford and the consolidated services like IT and billing too I'd hope.

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There are two hospitals that make up The Hospitals of Central Connecticut, correct? Will their names be changed to Hartford Hospital of New Britain...or something like that? How will that work?

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could be because they are close enough that the Hartford name, means something, but I do know that some of the large care giving companies like Tenent keep the names very local, and just stay in the background saving money on consolodating operations on the office side and such. and driving profit that way.



so, New Britain Hospital and Southington Medical Center might be the way if they were the buyers.

who really knows, as long as its local buying local, and no one is being gobbled up by an outside company costing the city/state jobs

its bad enough that HH sources its billing to some company in Mass

edit :

Some info :) for nerdliness

in an article from 2009 listing 12 largest Hospital management companies, pretty much none of them had operations in the North East, and even thought the largest one, is freakin huge, the smaller ones are not all that big. in fact HH would not need to add too many more hospitals (and of course change to a for profit entity) to make the list.

This is what HH Has

Hartford medical Group - HMG locations: Avon, East Hartford, Enfield, Glastonbury, Manchester, West Hartford (2), Wethersfield, and Windsor.

CEO: Kent Stahl, MD

Offices: 14

Physicians: 42

Midlevel Providers: 15

Primary Care Patients: 50,000 (166,000 visits in 2009

so, 9 or 14, whatever, its not small



The hospital is an 867-bed regional referral center

The Institute of Living, a 114-bed mental health facility

Jefferson House, a 104-bed long-term care facility

Mid state medical center 144 beds

Windham Hospital 130 bed acute care hospital

Natchaug Hospital 57 beds plus 9 community centers--Natchaug's treatment facilities are located in Danielson, Enfield, Groton, Mansfield Center, Montville, Norwich, Putnam, Vernon, and Willimantic.

Rushford substance abuse treatment and mental health provider

clinical lab partner -largest lab in CT(newington) -80 patient centers

VNA Healthcare - in home treatment for elderly etc including 757 employees and 17000 patients

Eastern Rehabilitation network 13 locations plus contracted sites

Adding Central to the mix... 5 Divisions

The Hospital of Central Connecticut, a 414-bed, acute-care teaching hospital,

Alliance Occupational Health,

Central Connecticut Senior Health Services,

Central Connecticut Physical Medicine -6 locations

Central Connecticut VNA.

Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc- with 18 locations in 7 cities and towns throughout northwest and central Connecticut


mad, lots of their divisions have a bunch of locations

really, this is now one big hospital

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HH also has a campus of some kind in Newington...part of it is the Jefferson House. I wonder why it wasn't listed?

it was listed there somewhere, maybe I didnt type it, it was alot of research and typing. IIRC it hosted the labs, I think thats the maion thing there, thats a major lab company

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Hartford Hospital has now also officially bought some major eye surgery center in central CT.

apparently Hartford hospital currently does 800 or so eye surgeries a year, while the company they bought does over 11,000

it cost then $26 million and is part of plans to create an eye surgery specialty type thing making them into a regional specialty thing. so this is also interesting and cool that its all coming together at Hartford Hospital

I wonder when they are going to start building that giant parking garage? because once that is done they can think about building that new 12 story medical office tower.

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good article about HH in the HBJ

Looks like they are going to start borrowing against bond holders that will allow them to accelerate growth. This was a very interesting article in that they are really starting to operate like a corporation, and the CEO seems aware that they need a little more scale to survive.

The organization’s board of directors just approved a $50 million investment in a new parking garage and the expansion of its emergency department, which will add 20 new patient beds.

based on the read, I feel like this is what they are looking to Bond for.

Immediate plans include a $50 million investment in a new parking garage and further expansion of Hartford Hospital’s emergency department, including 20 new beds.

Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center also intend to eventually move forward on a proposal to construct a new 11-story, $35 million medical office on Washington Street, near downtown Hartford.

and here is a nice run down of the organization. not sure if mine had all of this.

System at a glance

Hartford Healthcare

system consists of:

Hartford Hospital, 867-bed acute care hospital in Hartford.

MidState Medical Center, 144-bed acute care hospital in Meriden.

Windham Hospital, 130-bed acute care hospital in Willimantic.

The Hospital of Central Connecticut, 370-bed acute care hospital in New Britain.

Natchaug Hospital, 70-bed mental illness and substance abuse care provider in Mansfield.

Rushford, substance abuse and mental health provider in Meriden.

Hartford Medical Group, physician services group in Hartford.

Clinical Laboratory Partners, behavioral, psychiatric and addiction disorders provider of patient care, research and education in Newington.

Eastern Rehabilitation Network, rehabilitation center in Newington.

VNA Healthcare, home care, hospice and community-based health and wellness provider in Hartford.

Alliance Occupational Health

Central Connecticut Senior Health Services

Central Connecticut Physical Medicine

Central Connecticut VNA

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http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article_list.php?RF_ITEM[][email protected];ArticleType

HH has rebranded to better represent the size of this new organization, and so they can continue to expand while not always being HARTFORD medical group.... new logo, and well, its all coming together. Id expect more expansion and such wich is awesome. maybe some day HH will go public and we will have a legit operator based right here in hartford.

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The P&Z department has a proposal for zone change

482,506,510,560 Hudson streets, and 75 park street from residential to business

I am sure this is related to the part of the article mentioning the movement of some administrative offices into buildings on Hudson street.


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So, now HH is likely to add Backus. Backus is a pretty big hospital with 213 beds and its got a 6 location community health center network.

Hartford HealthCare said it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to affiliate with Backus Corp., the parent of Backus Hospital, which brought in $274 million in revenues in 2010.

Aside from Backus Hospital, Backus Corp. also owns Backus Health Care, Inc., Backus Home Health Care, Backus Physician Services, Community Medical Partners, CONNCare, and WWB Corp.

after this merger HH would have a pretty solid network in eastern CT.

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Cataract surgery is a huge business in this country producing very large profits. There are about 3 million such surgeries each year. As the population ages, it is a growth business.

The surgery costs between 2-3 thousand per eye. They only do one eye per appointment and a talented surgeon can do between 10 and 15 per day. On average that's $20,000 to $30,000 per surgeon per day. And, of course, the hospital will have more than one surgeon.

And that's just cataract surgery, there are, of course, more radical, exotic and cosmetic eye operations. On top of that. laser eye correction is another growth business.

Any way you look at it, the hospital will earn back its $26 million investment in just a few years.

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Hartford Healthcare, Backus affiliation moves forward

Hartford HealthCare announced Thursday that is moving forward with plans to affiliate with a 213-bed Norwich hospital, a deal that would give the health care giant its first presence in southeastern Connecticut.

Hartford HealthCare said it has signed a letter of intent to affiliate with Backus Corp., the parent of Backus Hospital, which brought in $274 million in revenues in 2010.

Damn I love that HH is becoming such a driving force in medicine around here. I hope it can continue this progress and ultimately bring additional services and research to the Hartford area. This is a real potential jon engine in Hartford for the long term!

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Expansion at HH in full swing!


the one obvious guarantee is the joint center which replaces 2 vacant lots with a building that is about 5 stories and 100 Million.


the article mentiones other improvements but interestingly mentions over 1 billion in capital improvements are possible.


exactly how the money can change year over year, so for now just the joint thing and renovations to the sapce that will vacate.  and some big IT improvements.

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