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Max Grinnell at Library Central Tomorrow

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This might be interesting:

"ur•ban•olo•gist (noun) a student of, or specialist in, urban problems. Learn the true definition of urbanology with geographer, historian, and raconteur Max Grinnell. In his fascinating discussion, Grinnell will describe, critique, and analyze the urban condition. He’ll use his diverse talents and abilities that he brings to his work as an educator, journalist, urban consultant and writer, to dissect the issues facing urban America. "

Monday, February 21 at 6:30pm at Library Central downtown. Hope to see y'all there! (it's FREE and everyone is invited)

BTW, I'm excited to see OPL do more programs with thought-provoking programs covering a variety of topics instead of just authors on book tours, concerts and such (although I enjoy those as well). Whatever your interests in this regard, if you like these types of programs, please let the library know either in person or by participating in the surveys available online at the OCLS website:


This is the type of program that is pretty unique for downtown (although the History Center also does a little of it), and something I'd like to see more and more of as the Library looks to new roles in the e-book era.

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