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Main Street of Northwest Arkansas

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iowhogs    0

I have seen it posted on here before that NWA needs a "Main Street". College St. isn't really a good cantidate for this, and there is only one chance to do this right while NWA is growing. Here are some similar ideas.

I propose that upon completion of a western/eastern bypass by I-49, they de-interstate I-540. This opens up a currently off-limits are for development and construction along the right of way of the interstate. If the road was no longer I-540, the right of way could be much less and you could create a single main street with the look of wide boulevards and multiple lanes of travel. You could plant trees in the median, and put at-grade intersections with businesses along the road, using lots of turn arounds. I think this would connect all of the communities of Northwest Arkansas if they worked, lived, and played together along a centrally located boulevard.

I know this will not happen, and that it is unrealistic, but I think it's fun and exciting to think about would COULD be. NWA could have a "Ocean Drive" all to its own.


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Mith242    69

Yeah it is fun to think about these type of things even if you know there's no chance of it happening. :) But for me, I still have a hard time think of I-540 as the 'center' on some areas like Fayetteville. Although it does work out pretty well for Benton County in general.

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