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Lost City of Atlantis found?

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There appears to be hard evidence that the Lost City of Atlantis has been found. Many believed it to be nothing but a mythological city like the city of Troy which was actually found. Plato's description of Atlantis was that it was a city of concentric circle canals and that it was a port city at the ends of the earth. Back then the ends of the earth would have been at the opening of the Mediterranean Sea at the Strait of Gibraltar formed by Spain and the northern tip of Africa (where the Atlantic Ocean begins). The location of this found city is in Spain near that vicinity. Under water man made ruins have been found and the city itself appears to be under deep solid mud. Ground penetration data shows a man made layout of concentric circles and buried structures. The site produces a lot of methane which is evidence there was once a lot of life in what ever is buried under the mud. The legend says the city was destroyed over night and it sank in the ocean. The methane is evidence that something killed off all life in this buried city in an instant. The theory is that a tsunami cover the city because tsunamis were common in this area. That jives with the city "sinking in the ocean".There is other evidence as well. There is a nearby temple complex which appears to be a memorial to the city. There are symbols on stone which show a man with a sword guarding a symbol of "concentric circles". Also for decades it has been said that the Egyptians had contact with the Atlanteans and there is evidence of that. First the story of Atlantis originated from an ancient Egyptian priest. In that same temple in Spain there is an Egyptian symbol carved in stone. I think it just proves that things that are suppose to be myth and legend often turn out to be true. Makes you wonder about other ancient myths which speaks of "visitors" coming from the skies....But it will takes years if not decades to unearth this city buried beneath the mud and one of the world's greatest mysteries may finally be put to rest. There is a story in the Bible of a city that parallels Plato's Atlantis as well. It is believed that the Biblical city and Atlantis are the same city. Because this city is buried under mud, the ruins beneath it are probably perfectly preserved and intact along with its inhabitants. So we will see the architecture and true culture of Atlantis and its people. Plato said Atlantis was a highly advanced civilization so we will the level of their technology once the city is unearthed. I think the main reason why so many believed the city to be a myth had to do with all the stories about Atlantis being controlled by aliens with power crystals and all other kind of fantasies associated with the city. In fact it was an ordinary city and civilization like all the others.

Stone carving in temple near buried city site which shows a soldier guarding what appears to be a city of concentric circles


Plato's description of Atlantis looks identical to the carving. Plato said the city of Atlantis was made up of three concentric rings and there are three concentric rings in the carving. The bridge that connected the three ring islands also appears in the stone carving and the soldier in the carving is standing at the opening of the city.


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