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Donald Trump Likes Charlotte A lot

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Developer Donald Trump said in an interview Monday that he's still looking at property in Charlotte."By the way, I'm looking at some property in Charlotte. I like Charlotte a lot," Trump said during the interview with Observer news partner, WCNC-TV, about his show, "Celebrity Apprentice." "It's a great place. I'm actually looking to buy property, specific property in Charlotte. So I hope you guys continue to do well."

Read more: http://www.newsobser...l#ixzz1GiG1mLSw


I'm not going to hold my breathe. Any opinions or thoughts?

If you watch the short interview here then you would see he randomly brought it up about building in Charlotte.

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I think the headline should be "Donald Trump Markets Himself a lot" With The Donald you need to take everything he says with a hearty helping of salt. His organization may have real-estate and construction interests, but he is personally the spokesperson for marketing his brand which is not necessarily the same as his business interests.

I do think that if he was to ever do something (construction cost wise) now would be the time.

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