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Proposed: New Norwalk Fire Department HQ

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There has been talk for a few years of replacing the existing HQ for the Norwalk Fire Department. It is outdated and too small. After trying to figure out exactly where to locate it, the decision was made to keep it right where it is. The design work was started last year and is nearing completion. The Capital Budget, though not approved by the Common Council, does contain +/- $14 million dollars toward construction and has already been approved by the Finance Director, Planning Commission and the Mayor, so it looks like this is a done deal to get fully cranked up. My understanding is that construction may possibly get underway before the end of the year.

I've seen renderings of the new station, but can't find any right now to post. This is the architect's website (it's under construction so there aren't any pages to click on, but the renderings I've seen look just like the first image they have scrolling.) Pacheco Ross

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