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There are some very interesting comments to this story about Joe Black's and what it was like to work there. The one that got my attention the most was the very last comment on page 5. I learned a few things...including the fact that poster named Chubby is an idiot.

I don't even read the comments on any article about downtown Hartford anymore. The majority of the peole who responded are completely ignorant, uninformed, and probably haven't been downtown in years. Reading the responses is usually just a good way to get pissed off.

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That is from 2008. Did the banquet hall go under also?

no, it did not.

I think that was just a time warp that Mr. Bonanza experience on April fools day.

on a related note, the company that runs the banquet hall is based out of Haddam and there is a HBJ article about their efforts to swap 85 wooded acres for 17 acres of state owned waterfront land next to their banquet hall in Haddam and they want to develop it into some kind of mixed use project including a boardwark and resturants and retail and stuff along the river.

many are opposed and apparently still are. its 4 years on now, but they are still interested.

I think it would be a nice thing, and the issue is the conservation side, and while its valid, its also a mixed bag.

again its front page in HBJ

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