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GE signs lease for 400,000 Sq Ft

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I dunno, but I like that Tennessee is getting a lot of green industry and business, especially solar related. This is a good, hot, high tech industry to have in the state. We want more like it!!

Wasn't someone, I think it was Zach Wamp and maybe Bob Corker, wanting to promote a technology corridor like Silcon Valley here in Tennessee and maybe Northern AL. We have AEDC and Oak Ridge as large high tech areas, then Huntsville a little to our south is really big. Hopefully, we can bring in more high tech jobs like these to bolster and balance our car manufacturing industry.

So know we have the Clarksville plant and center, a solar farm near Chattanooga, and Knoxville is getting a few solar investments too. Plus not to mention wind turbines from TVA and the turbine project from Vanderbilt on Love Hill.

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