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Affluent parts of Baton Rouge?

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My definition of wealthy may be different...but here it goes:

Highland Road/country club area- McMansions mostly, upper middle income with some high income families

Steele Blvd area- old money, older families, predominantly higher income folks economically attached to the city...lots of locally well known names.

Bocage/Jefferson/Old Hammond area - sort of the newer version of Steele blvd. Les Miles lives in that area.

LSU ave/Stanford - mostly wealthy old money connected to LSU

Goodwood west of Lobdell - old power couples. A few folks from out of town sprinkled in.

Goodwood east of Airline - older upper middle class professionals, business owners, etc.

Wood Duck- super wealthy new money. Gated...most homes are 10,000+ square feet, some appear to be twice that.

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I think if you follow these roads and connect the dots I think you could get a pretty good survey of the affluent parts of town. Also Corporate Blvd and Perkins Rd.

  • Old Hammond Hwy
  • Jefferson Hwy
  • Claycut Rd
  • Broussard St
  • Dalrymple Dr
  • Highland Rd
  • Hoo Shoo Too Rd - make a loop at Wood Duck
  • Tiger Bend Rd
  • Confederate Ave/Antioch Blvd
  • Monitor Ave/Woodlake Dr

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Never heard of wood duck. Google wasn't any help, where is that subdivision? Prairieville maybe?

I've got family in town and they want to go looking at the upscale homes that are available down here.

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