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CRCOG Regional Transportation plan-2011

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So this is now available for public consumption.

Highlights include the regional busway network....

yeah, they want to extend the busway to travel the Griffin line as you all know, but also to serve Manchester/Vernon and Rocky Hill

this means that the NHHS rail would be the only train in town.

They use the term "busway East"

it refers to Hartford/East Hartford/Manchester/Vernon

and as much as I HATE the New Britain Busway I could almost support a Manchester one.

Getting commuter trains across the river would be much more expensive than connecting Waterbury and the rewards are also a little less, so Busway might be the easiest way (and the existing HOV can be used for this)

I have continued to read as I write this and have gotten more and more irritated.

it seems rail is the red headed step child of mass transit again. there is talk of bus routes everywhere, even connecting the commuter rail to the airport, and not a rail spur. clearly these people have never tried to get to oakland airport from the BART...


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