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PROPOSED: Swift Factory Redevelopment


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This is a project that could have a tremendous positive impact on this neighborhood in the North End of Hartford. This is a pretty rough neighborhood but a project like this can certainly offer a bit of tangible improvement. This will certainly not lead to a magical transformation but developing this into something attractive and useful is certainly possible. They are developing some housing as well on site by renovating 2 former Swift family residences into below market rate housing which will proceed the factory renovation. I have been pleased with Common Grounds other big project in the city, The Hollander Foundation Center Downtown and would fully expect this to be a high quality project which is what neighborhoods like this do not get enough of. I think the work spaces will most likely attract law firms, community organizations, recording/artist/fashion studios, etc.

Hartford Courant

The business was family-run for three generations, once employing as many as 500, until it closed in 2005 after the death of M. Allen Swift at the age of 102.

Now, the building on Love Lane may again take its place at the center of the community. The Swift family has donated the old factory to the nonprofit organization Common Ground, which plans to renovate the space for artisans, small business incubators and perhaps even business co-ops.

New York-based Common Ground, which successfully rehabilitated Hartford's Hollander Building for apartments and retail space, expects to spend $8 million to $10 million on the Swift complex makeover. The group hopes to create badly needed jobs and spawn further investment in the neighborhood.

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