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Favorite Southern Freeway Interchange

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The Springfield Interchange is the baddest (bad meaning awesome) interchange in the Southeast. This is where long-distance east coast traffic mixes with Northern Virginia/Washington DC commuter traffic. I-95 from Richmond intersects the I-495 Capital Beltway around Washington and I-395 spur route directly into Arlington County and downtown DC. According to VDOT, the interchange handles over 430K vehicles per day. VDOT recently completed reconstructing the interchange and now it has high-speed multi-lane directional ramps serving all movements. There is also a dual-lane reversible HOV facility that transitions from I-95 to I-395 through the interchange. VDOT is in the process of constructing HOT lanes on I-495 from the interchange westward around the beltway to the Dulles Airport Access Road and are constructing direct connectors between the HOV and future HOT lanes.





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