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Hey Raleigh...Buy Some New Traffic Signals

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As a resident of Atlanta I often skewer the city and GDOT for not even coming close to the higher standards NCDOT sets for itself. However, at least Atlanta somewhat regularly replaces its traffic signal assemblies with newer, oversized, and LED versions.

I was in Raleigh last month, and all of the signals in and around Cameron Village looked older than I am (I'm 42). They are so old that the yellow has faded to white, the bulbs and lens are tiny, etc.

I thought NC set out to replace all bulbs with LED versions back in 2005 to save electricity. But Raleigh seems to have very few. I've given up on Raleigh embracing the elegant mast arms that Cary uses, but at least they should be replacing some of these antique signals.

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Well, regarding the mast arms, they do have some...particularly in urban/downtown areas instead of suburban areas, and tend to put them in as part of other road improvment projects, such as Glenwood South, Hillsborough Street and a couple recent upgrades on West Morgan for examples.

With LED stoplights (and even streetlights)'s the same thing. When a change, upgrade or renovation is needed...LEDs are the replacement.

Stoplights in and around Cameron Village just haven't been touched in ages. No significant road improvements have hit that area in a long time. You can even see some powerline poles made of rusty metal from the 1950s around there.

Something's due to happen there eventually.

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