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Man, I really hope Mungo isn't involved at all -- even if it's just the residential portion.

On another note: I actually live out in Northwest Richland County where this Mungo debate is raging. One of the major problems here is that many of the people opposing the new development(s) don't have a handle on rural planning. Instead of lobbying Mungo for quality pockets of dense development with a sense of place, they've pushed for larger homes on bigger lots -- to them, this seems like it'll keep property values up, but if you continue this sort of thing you won't have any rural space left. Classic sprawl. I've been trying to push "Rural by Design" a really great text by Randall Arendt, but it hasn't caught on yet with the grassroots folks.

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What is your vision based on? It's nothing more than "I want Columbia to look like a big city so let's build new freeways through downtown." There's no actual data or professional assessments that dem

Traffic on Assembly is hugely different depending on which segment we are talking about. Excluding game days, when Assembly turns into a parking lot south of Gervais, daytime traffic between Gervais a

Growingup15, this is one of the worst ideas EVER and it would kill downtown.

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I'm now officially off topic...:) It's a really cool book.

Publisher blurb: "A toolbox of creative rural planning techniques that can preserve rural open space and community character."

It ain't cheap... like $60 bucks or something from the American Planning Association's Planners Press, but it's worth it if you're into planning. Chocked full of diagrams, drawings and illustrations. It really does a good job of communicating what's needed to preserve the character of rural areas with a smart growth approach.

Rural by Design


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From TheState.com...

Developers submit proposals for CanalSide


Four developers have submitted proposals to the city for its CanalSide project.

Monday was the deadline for proposals for developing the site of the former Central Correctional Institute.

The city in August abandoned its four-year effort to act as developer for the 18-acre downtown property. City officials asked for bids from private developers willing to purchase the site and build a riverfront community.

City officials said the market for residential developments downtown improved since 2000, when the city failed to find any takers for the site.

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OK... I heard back from Fred Delk at the Columbia Development Corporation. He said I should contact Jim Gambrell at the Office of Economic Development, so I've done that. I emailed him asking about the CanalSide proposals and the Canal Front concept (since they say on their website that a concept has been completed for that area). We'll see if anything turns up. I don't know why The State or WIS hasn't been on this already.

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RE: CanalSide...

I am actually okay with this... the idea of the retail being only things that would naturally be supported by the neighborhood. I don't mind that at all. I just hope the development is planned nicely and that the esplanade is easily accessible to everyone.

As I understand it, Canal Front/City Dock will have some shops and stuff. That could be the shopping/entertainment component of riverfront development in Columbia. And there are also big plans drawn up for commercial/entertainment component of the Canal Place neighborhood (down towards River Drive) -- it's just a matter of finding a developer that's willing to go along with the plans for the commercial/entertainment portion. On a side note, the houses they've built in the first phase of Canal Place are some of the ugliest homes I think I've ever seen.

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