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6 hours ago, CLT_sc said:

Could be an odd question.....why was nothing from CCI saved from a historical perspective?  

There was a lot of discussion about saving the oldest part of the prison, which was called Cell Block One.  It dated from 1867.  There was strong sentiment to save it and  strong sentiment not to.  I don't recall the particulars but I think the CON side prevailed probably because some entity would have to own it, insure it and  find a way to make money off of it, plus a future developer of the remainder might not want it there.  If it were in Charleston  saving it would have been the only option, but there would have also been a larger tourism aspect to leverage as well.    

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Canalside has a sweet new sign at its entrance. I haven't driven into that development in some time, but may need to see if any new retail has been added to all those condos and apartments.

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