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Gypsy Moth Spray! YAY!


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Highland (Meadows/Brantwood) MUNSTER *Wicker Park and area south of Ridge Road and west of White Oak-North of Elliot Drive

May 16th the DNR will be sending out the yellow crop dusting planes early in the morning to spray FORAY 76B onto whatever is beneath it! Homes, cars, yards, stores, churches, day cares, etc. At DAWN.

Some people may want to leave for a couple of days. The product can remain in the air for some time and it could possibly be harmful to those with asthma or lung problems. Some people may get sick if they find they are allergic to something in the product and it could cause stomach issues. Also, there have been skin problems noted by some that have come in contact with the FORAY 76B pesticide. So use caution. Bring in pets. Rinse off the grass ( I have read that water makes the product not so great and I don't believe the gypsy moth hangs out in lawns so put out your sprinklers, if you would like). But try not to breath in the stuff too much.

Yes there is a bacteria contained in the FORAY pesticide. Btk. Bio engineered pesticide. ( Bt, isn't this the same stuff they shoot into GMO corn?)Could the moth become resistant to this pesticide? Has it already? I don't think I want it floating around in my air - I have read that concentrations INSIDE HOMES will be greater due to the aerosols. They become smaller when aerially sprayed. (Someone who lives in this house has lung issues).

Not sure what can be done to get the stuff out of your house. I just wish the FORAY 76B would only be used in areas where there is a problem with the moth. But not in TOWNS - urban areas - etc. If the plane is overhead at 7 am and begins spraying, the kids waiting for the bus will most likely be sprayed too. Not fun.

The ingredients are NOT shared. They fall under Trade Secret laws. I found this:

"Inert" ingredients in FORAY 48B:

1, 2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT) biocide in FORAY 48B: enter the chemical name or formula name in the PubMed Search Link above for information about toxicity

Organo Silicone Surfactant:

Something just doesn't seem right about this, to me.

Then, there will be another spraying on May 23rd! Why? We barely have any trees due to all the failed strip malls - they were bulldozed years ago!! sheesh.

So, if you have your card laying around and it says btk treatment, well, that's partly true. There is about 18.44% btk in the Foray 76b pesticide. The other ingredients - inerts - are known only to the manufacturer.

I suppose the one thing in all of this, is that we are going to be sprayed. No voice. No questions. There was a meeting at the library the DNR sent notice to in February (a week before the blizzard) to discuss the MOTH ONLY. No questions could be raised about the FORAY 76B. Those that had questions about the pesticide were given names of people to call at the DNR. The post card claims the treatment is BTK. It is NOT. It is FORAY 76B. The map of the treatment area is HIGHLAND. The majority of the homes are in Munster. Something just isn't right about this. Actually, I think it's unnecessary - but Indiana did sign on to the Slow The Spread program. I feel that should be for wooded areas like forests and parks!!!

Ooops, almost forgot. Highland will be having a day in August where you can bring all of TOXIC chemicals for the town to dispose of: things like PESTICIDES!! hmmm....

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