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Boycott travel to Tennessee

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Haslam has signed a law in effect to not allow any city or municapality to add protection from discrimination of LGBT citizens into any ordinance. Nashvilles's progressive ordinance has been nullified. I am personally furious about this and have ask all my friends from other states to boycott travel to this state and to advise there friends to do the same. Money is the only thing that talks here. I hope that any company that is considering this state as a potential place to move, take a second look. If FaceBook was looking to expand they certainly would not choose TN. One of the top executives is gay and I would hope this would be just the sort of thing that would turn them in a different direction. I am not saying FaceBook is even considering it. I am saying companies do take a long look at this type of law. I will retire soon and do not plan on staying here. I was, but now I am tired of it all. I do not want to live in a state that makes discrimination legal.


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