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legalization of pot


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a major panel (Global Commission on Drug Policy) has said the war on drugs has failed and is telling the U.S. to legalize pot. Studies have shown that the legalization of pot in some countries has led to a dramatic drop in drug use among the deadly drugs like cocaine and crack. Pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. No one has ever overdosed and died from it and you are more likely to get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes which have far more dangerous chemicals. Legalizing pot would also lead to less crime. If people are allowed to smoke pot, they have no need to use illegal drugs. That leads to less drug deals and less drug related crimes and murders. They tried to make alcohol illegal but that only made things worse. The prohibition of alcohol is directly related to the beginning of organized gangsters in the 1920s. just like today's inner city gangs are connected with illegal drug activity. Go ahead and legalize pot and tax it. Tax it more than cigarettes and it will solve a lot of financial problems the states are having. It would become the cash crop. The U.S. government has demonized pot long enough.


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I was in Denver recently. They have legal medicinal marijuana in the state. We drove by a few of the stores?? if that is what they are called. They looked like head shops from the late 60's and 70's. Signs in front with daily specials and releated items. It was kind of comical. I really think anyone with a hangnail could probably get a script from a doctor. I was surprised that these stores were the place to buy a drug and not a Walgreens. So, is it a drug or isn't it. I read an article recently talking about the baby boomers moving towards retirement will be the biggest force to legalize it. In our youth, it seemed there were not many who didn't partake. When we had kids we stopped or hid it away from our children. Most children are gone or are stoners living in our basements. Now, as we get all the aches and pains that comes with aging, we will take it up again, if we ever really quit. I am constantly amazed at the number of people who are close to my age (mid 50's) who do it. I think they are way more careful about it than in the hippy era. Some evenings sitting on my deck the breeze blows and you know someone nearby is smoking it. I agree. Legalize it.

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